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ZHEJIANG BIMETAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD is located by the coast of East sea in Zhoushan city Zhejiang provine, to the east of the international famous deep harber of Ningbo Beilun harbor.
    The corporation mainly produces series screw and rubbermelting cylinders which are widely used in machines such as national or imported 30-40000 gram plastic injection machine,the extruder machine of 15-250mm single screw, 30-130mm cone, parllel double screw, rubber screw, by ISO9002 internationalquality control system and accent nature, charcters,nitration, grinding and polishing and binary-metel-alloy welding,producrs have reached the international standard. At the same time we produced GH113 nickel base alloy (new 3# steel) stud machine muff,and also can spurt the alloy welding (PTA's bimetal), we not only privide sets for the set factoru in home and abroad, but also accept customer's vocational work, and can assist surveus and draws and designs. Our corporation not only provides fittings of machines to foreign and national machinery plants,but also undertakes processing according to the samples by fragmentary.Especially, we sincerely welcome the anticipation in drawing and designing. With the best service and products promised, we are expecting your arrival or consult.
    The company's aim: Honesty,diligence improvement and high quality. 
  • Sevices Tel:86-580-8051089 8052827